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Morning Glimpse

If you took a peek into life at my house this morning, you’d see a woman who got a good, long, hot shower. It was almost completely uninterrupted minus a few moments of being a dripping judge and jury from behind the shower curtain to settle a battle over custody of the remote.

Mentally, I was planning my next blog post. Maybe some pictures and stories from our trip to Key West? Or perhaps the wisdom I picked up finishing our Sacred Marriage Bible Study? Spoilers for both of those- 1) Key West is a grandiose time of naps, drinking, sight seeing and water; and 2) Everyone is fighting some sort of battle within their marriage whether it’s subconsciously or up front- apathy, keeping it fresh, temptations, respect…

After my life-renewing shower and application of sweatshirt and yoga pants, I was trying to drain the water off those water absorbing orbs my kids received in their stockings for Christmas. Supposedly, these orbs can absorb 1000# their weight in water and should never be eaten or put down the drain. About a dozen slipped over my fingers and down the drain of the bathroom sink.


Add to my resume: plumber. I’ve had to be a plumber way too much lately. I’m fairly handy with tools and a plunger.. and I don’t say that with pride, but rather out of necessity. Our lift pump in the basement has had issues. My son clogged the toilet at the office. My daughter clogged one at the house. The drain trap dried out and was wafting sewer gas… you get the picture.

My plan for the morning involved prepping backpacks, making my to-do list for the last day of Easter break, and attacking the dishes from yesterday’s meals. It didn’t involve plumbing. However, making lemonade from lemons, I now have an exceptionally clean bathroom sink drain pipe.

Now, back to that to-do list…




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I realize I have been on quite a writing hiatus. Family, holidays, our business’s busy season and then…. Hello, It’s March!

It is now the season of Lent. I’ve been quite conflicted, frustrated, and sharp. Not to mention… highly judged. I’m not sure if I’m feeling judged because my heart is convicted about something or just flat out judged by other people. Either way, I’m examining my life to figure it out.

I write fantastic articles in my mind in the middle of the night or early morning when I can’t sleep. This morning was no different. If the feeling persists, I’ll put it all in writing. The problem with my thoughts flowing freely in the wee hours is that my body protests. Thus, no amazing novels from me.

I have signed up for two more half marathons: one at the end of April, and one at the end of May. I’m back up to 6.1miles. More running this week. I’m more at ease when I’m running. I’m more thankful when I’m running. I’m a better person for my family, job, friends, and community when I’m running regularly. As my husband implies with his support, I am able to “run the crazy” out and be an over-achiever with my mileage. 🙂

Oh, and to add to our happy, crazy life- M (2.5 yrs old) is potty training- again. This has been the longest process to date. Yes, she is ready. We’ve gone 4 days without any accidents (multiple times) then she just decides she doesn’t want to do it anymore. This results in tedious floor scrubbing. I refuse to be cross with her or negative in this process. We are down to a battle of wills and I’m not afraid to use Skittles to my advantage!

And now my moment is over for now. Back to the piles on my desk and phone calls to return.

With Love – J