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Grasp – Free Fall

via Daily Prompt: Grasp

Some mornings just need a moment to fall into place. I’m not grasping life by the horns today. That was yesterday’s chaos. Let the chips fall where they may!

My desk is fully visible, sans the mountains tackled yesterday. My to-do list is relatively short.

Instead, I’m choosing to sit back in my desk chair and listen to some acoustic John Mayer.


Free Fallin' Acoustic
Tom Petty original was a favorite song to sing along to in the car on the way to high school with my sister.


Early morning devotions. Kids dressed and off to school. Connection with my husband. 10min FitSugar abs workout. My gallon jug of water and a bag of snap peas prepped for snacking at my desk. Mascara and lip gloss applied. Quick drive to work.

Ready. Set. Go.

Grasping life as it comes, but taking a moment to sing a classic.

Isn’t it all about balance? The push vs. the pull? Catch and release? The firm hold and the free falling moment?

Grasp. Free Fall.


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WordPress Reader

I’m not terribly in the mood to write.

It’s been a rough handful of days with my youngest having some sort of mystery virus that has covered her little pixie body in an angry rash, hives and swollen up her neck lymph nodes and tonsils. Yes we’ve sought medical attention, but after swabs and cultures there seems to be no answer except “wait it out and keep her comfortable. Call us if she gets worse.”

bleh… not what a mom wants to hear.

In my waiting and anxious early mornings of checking her breathing I’ve gained a new appreciation for WordPress Reader. It is silent, varied and ever expanding.

My Reader doesn’t throw out advertising trying to bait and hook. The stories sit like a large evolving library full of opinions, perspectives, and life experiences to be read.

Thank you to the authors for being with me in my quiet early mornings.