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True Stories and Observations

True Stories and Observations after a Wonderful Weekend

1. You can tell if an office is occupied predominantly by men or women by where the new roll of toilet paper is located – on the roller or sitting on top of the old one.

2. Men and women are wired different. Period. After 8.5 years of marriage, I am still amazed at this. Makes the journey informative, fresh, and fun most of the time.

3. By my estimation, I have about 13 more years of my kids fighting. Ages ~4 (3 weeks shy of) and 1.5. They just can’t keep their hands, elbows, feet, voices, words, you name it… to themselves. When did the blanket tent between two pieces of furniture become a MMA ring?!

4. Boogie eating is gross. Can’t you see your child popping those things like they are a package of gumdrops?!! ┬áIt’s like a freeway from his/her nose to the mouth!!! Fortunately it is treatable IF it is YOUR OWN kids. When it’s not, you kindly hand a kleenex to the offending child and try not to make further eye contact at the risk of losing your last meal.
Also – wash your hands.

5. Even in this age of technology, good “old-fashioned” crayons and paper can provide loads of entertainment. The joy on my little guy’s face when we sat down together and worked on writing our letters and spelling simple words with a rainbow of crayons – PRICELESS.

Best Friends 2012
Best friends 2012 & Practicing future MMA fighters