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Basically, I accomplished nothing yesterday except enjoying the day with my children- one of whom was sick and both were home from school for an inservice day. It was a wonderful day of frisbee, mud “pupcakes,” a bike ride, and a hike out by the pond. And while everything is exceptionally muddy, we just slip into our galoshes and carry on.


I think I needed a day like yesterday to help keep this week in perspective.

So much anger, vulgarity, and bashing going on. Maybe I’ve been sheltered for the majority of my life? 

I’ve never been witness to so much anger and frustration.

I’ve never been inundated with the wide swath of feelings and emotions being poured out from all directions. 

I’ve never heard such vulgarity and sharp tongued one-liners in everyday dialogue.

Thank goodness that for the most part, I can turn off social media and in turn, crank that noise down for myself and my family.

Ladies and gentlemen, please let us remember that we are all allowed an opinion and feelings, but that should come with the stipulation in big bold letters – I don’t have to internalize all of them.  You are entitled to your opinion, yes. I am allowed to agree or disagree. I can still love you, care for you, and support you in word, action, and prayer.

Goodness help us – there are big big feelings all over out there. Social media has turned this country into some funky reality where people selfishly think that his/her opinion is THE OPINION or his/ her FEELINGS matter the most of the most-est.

It’s like a house full of toddlers or teenagers.

What do we tell our children when they are unhappy or are having a disagreement with another child? At my house, I tell my child to look at the other child and use respectful words. “I don’t want to play right now, but we can later.” or “You are making me angry. I need some space.” I tell them that their feelings are valid, but that they may or may not change the outcome. “Fits don’t get us what we want, but asking nicely might.”

chyxn9bnkmc3sAm I running the perfect household? Oh my goodness- NO. My 6yr old tried to put on the same underwear he’d been wearing for 2 days after his shower last night… and he almost accomplished it! (Fortunately those Minions are pretty bold and obvious.) Do I get dinner on the table every night? NO. Does my husband juggle it all perfectly? NO. Do my kids behave all the time? If only you could have been peeping in my window yesterday morning… We have faults, but man, we TRY. We TRY hard.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this – Could we all try a little harder to be kind? to be tactful? to selflessly love others as much as we selfishly love ourselves? to see the other side of the fence instead of instantly discounting it? to listen without instantly formulating a reply?

I saw this quote from Lysa TerKeurst today on my social media:

“We can’t look to our feelings to determine truth. We must look to truth to reign in our feelings.”

This isn’t for “alternative fact” or my emotional feelings. This is about actual TRUTH. Not philosophical truth. Not opinionated truth. TRUTH.

There is much suffering in this world and social media has brought the angry and miserable together. As a pretense to voicing those ills, let’s pause for a moment to self-reflect, let the anger pass, and figure out how to constructively deal. We might find that if not acting in anger, the listening ears of those around us will remain open.

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Music is a piece of my life’s puzzle. I hear it in the sounds outside, in my own mind’s orchestra, and of course when others are creating it. I feel it. It changes the way I breathe. It changes the way I think. It calms, inspires, pushes me, brings joys, deepens emotions. I enjoy singing, piano, and once upon a time played the tenor saxophone. I prefer to enjoy these talents without an audience. No feedback necessary… just the uplifting soothe that comes from harmonizing with the radio or sitting at the piano playing old sheet music.

I decided to take a hiatus from the social media world. People are attacking each other for exercising their Constitutional right to vote. I voted too. These people are not acting with maturity, but rather with snide comments, snarky quips, whiny memes, and gloating hashtags. It screams of Junior High mean girls or playground rumbles. The election is over. It is done. And in 4 years we get to do this again. The vitriol between people is too much when they are faceless and hiding behind a screen. They drink up whatever they’ve been told by the opinion biased, ratings driven news – political party – peer group.

I put my foot down and will not drink any longer. I’m turning on the music. The sounds of nature. The sounds of those who hear the music too and then create it.

Today’s Playlist Included:

Classical Gas – Mason Williams – performed by Tommy Emmanuel

Cheap Thrills – Sia

Killing Me Softly – Fugees

10,000 Reasons – Gateway Worship

Titanium – Madilyn Bailey

Can’t Stop the Feeling – J Timberlake

Add in a trill of classical piano, a sprinkle of country, and a nice run down a dirt road. I’ll be enjoying the music.