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Both Sides of the Coin

As we drove to Parent-Teacher conferences this morning, I gave my husband the run-down of activities and meetings for the next two days. If you remember my post from earlier this fall, you’ll recall that we took a “not at this time” stance to almost ALL extracurricular activities so we could regroup as a family – no flag football, no dance classes, no tumbling…

The list isn’t long – Parent Teacher Conferences 8:20-9am, an orthodontist appointment at noon, customers who scheduled ahead, and an awards ceremony Friday evening that should last only an hour.

I was struck by irony when he looks at me and says “Ugh… could we have anything else on the schedule!”

¬†Backstory: A couple times a month since July, I’ve reminded my husband gently clearly that I need his emotional support and leadership as a parent and as a spouse to make all-the-little-things work in our family. One of his love languages is to love us by providing at which he is amazing. *Take the time to do that study (5 Love Languages) if you are in a relationship!*

As a woman with only two hands and 24 hours in the day, I am incapable of doing it all without feeling completely depleted, beat down, and depressed. There – I said it – depressed. Out of routine and unable to juggle everybody’s everything, I’ve entertained the idea of simply running away. I know, it’s a super grown-up, mature thought (sarcasm).


Fortunately, I know I’m loved and love myself too much to do this. We have to work together to balance both of us working full-time, two full-of-life children, a marriage relationship, and minimal hobbies that keep us sane. On top of that, we both need alone time to recharge.

Last week, we hit these topics with force. (Read that as “the ship was going down…”) Since that meltdown¬†conversation, we’ve been quite in-sync and actually offering to help each other with daily tasks that make life easier.

I can’t help think that his reaction to my short list for the next two days is somewhat attached to that previous conversation. He’s been putting in so much effort that he’s seeing the other side of the coin. Marriage and kids take both sides of the coin to function. 13 years of marriage… still learning!


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Candy Cane Confession

I have a confession. If you follow my blog, my last post was about not wanting my child to eat junk food regularly when we have healthier options.

People – we have an extra day of break from school for a teacher inservice today… My crew was moving slower than molasses, peanut butter, ketchup in a glass bottle, water flowing uphill, YOU NAME IT this morning. SLOW. M-O-T-I-O-N.


So when my children came at me as I’m trying to exit the house smiling with candy canes and politely asked for them for breakfast —- whatever. It’s the last day of a 14 day break from school. A solid two weeks.

Let’s celebrate. Enjoy those candy canes!!! Tomorrow you go back to school and a schedule and the school bus being a solid deadline to make in the morning.


I’m not even kicking myself about this. In the grand scheme, I don’t think I’ll look back and point saying “THIS. THIS was the moment my children’s lives were ruined. I should have fought the candy canes.” SMH

**In reference to my previous post “Corn Dogs”, my daughter ate all her (non-hot dog) dinner last night without complaining. She picked a few things off that she didn’t want, but overall did a wonderful job! She agreed for the month of January to eat whatever her father or I served. She has a sticker chart to track her compliance. We are her parents. We will not let a 5yr old run the house.** #parenting