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Child-View Photography: POV

Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy. In an effort to lighten things up, here is the world from my children’s point of view. Not necessarily in focus or properly framed, but authentic child-view.

Every once in awhile, one of them sneaks my phone and takes random pictures. 99% of the time, my phone is completely off limits to them. Exceptions are few and far between.

I give you the photography of M (age 4) and T (age 6).

Outdoor Scenes. And a good reminder that I need to get the flower beds and yard ready for spring!

The above porch project (rip it off and pour a new pad and patio) is the LAST thing on my husband’s “honey-do” list. It is also kind of on my father-in-law’s honey-do list as he does concrete work and is a brick mason. Now to coordinate the two…


A nice evening, early spring sunset. We like to sit on this swing in the evenings and listen to the night hawks and cicadas in the summer.

I find it entertaining what they focus on. Truly fascinating to see what they notice.

This is our 14 year old 19# house cat. He’s been with us since before we married. Still has his claws and does not, nor ever did, have the ambition to use them. He also enjoys small children carrying him around and key lime pie yogurt.

These two were M. A picture she painted, then continued with an ink pen to create on. Not her cleanest work, but I refuse to judge or have an opinion about free-style child artwork. Her dance shoe. We are wrapping up her first few months in dance. She’s become a much more creative kitchen dancer since starting class. Now it’s not just me…

Finally this. I hope this is what they always leave my presence with.



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Mother Nature

When I woke up this morning before the kids, I thought maybe I should just sleep in. I’m tired and achy. Thinking the better of this, I got out of bed and went for a run, slower than usual. A little short of the halfway point, SKUNK. Turned around and ran faster back. Well played Mother Nature. Well played.

I love living in rural Kansas. With the recent sprinkles, wheat harvest has been put on hiatus temporarily while things dry out again. This allowed a nice long country walk with my daughter in the stroller without the danger of trucks, combines, and tractors with grain carts.


Dirt Road North Central Kansas - June 2014
Dirt Road North Central Kansas – June 2014


How can you not marvel at God’s creations with a view like this? He created everything with such detail and rich color. As our pastor on Sunday talked about, how amazing is it that everything that a plant needs to grow and mature is packed into that tiny seed. All the directions for the roots to absorb nutrients and moisture and for the leaves to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis – all packed into that tiny little seed! AMAZING.