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Kindness in the form of the Berenstain Bears

Nice story from yesterday, written originally in a text to my family:
My kids could not leave me alone this morning or behave while I tried to get in 2 miles on the treadmill before T’s basketball practice. (They were allowed to run around on the track and had a ball, books, etc to play with)

After 20 minutes (of random stops) they proceeded to try to stop me twice in the last two minutes of my run. I told them to go sit down. Twice.

They did and a super nice older lady picked up a Bernstein (Berenstain) bear book and started reading to them.


When I told her thank you after my last two minutes on the treadmill, she was so gracious. ❤️

She said “I was a young mother once too. It looked like you could use a little help.”
I told her thank you and that was the nicest thing anyone had done for me all week!

Almost made me cry. It was so non-judgemental and genuine.

Good and kindness exist. When you come across it today, please respond with gratitude and pay it forward!

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Harvey may be one of the most horrific and uniting events we’ve had in recent times. As many in the media and far-out ideologues have pursued divisive tactics and even at this extreme low point criticized politicians from every corner, the rest of the country is pulling together to assist each other. A literal pulling of each other from the water and destruction to safety is occurring as I type this. It has been happening for days.

Watch this video from the NY Times to see neighbors helping neighbors.

Are our neighbors in the south fighting each other and throwing one another from the boats? No. They are working together to save lives.

Are we selfishly turning a blind eye? No. Americans are donating their physical time, strength, money, and supplies to provide for the needs that are increasing each day.

This is who we are as Americans. We are not the hate-filled stereotypes and labels that are so carelessly being splattered around and thrown on people. We are neighborly love for every language, skin shade, origin, and economic status.

Harvey is horrific. Deadly. Heart-breaking. Devastating. It does not have to be divisive. Though the storm is almost past, let it continue to unite us in our kind attention to each other’s needs. As the storm reminds us that we can’t prevent natural disasters, we need to recognize that we are able to prevent our own national disaster.

It starts with each of us personally. Reach out and get to know one another. Say hello. Look someone in the eye. Treat them with respect. Listen. Help your neighbor. Soothe the hurt.

I have a firm faith in God. Prayer, even if you can’t see or understand, (or for some even believe it), does have an impact. So I will continue to pray humbly for those affected by the hurricane and for every person in this country. As we respectfully close our eyes and bow our heads each night before bed, my family prays for those who are sad, hungry, angry, lonely, or sick that we might be able to show God’s love to them through our actions.

Each of us can do our little or our large to help both with Harvey and with our country. Please pay it forward positively.