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Progress not Perfection

As you are perusing Pinterest or Instagram or any sort of social media today, just remember this:

For every picture of charm and happy, clean nicely fluffed pillows on a couch in front of a picture window where the snowflakes are gently falling……

blog 11-8

There is a drawer or a corner or a counter or maybe even an entire room that looks more like this….

blog2 11-8

Don’t beat yourself up trying to be perfect. Trust me on this one – it doesn’t lead to happiness, joy, or peace.

Keep moving forward. Keep it real. Set your Priorities.

Progress not Perfection.

Faith · Family · Perspective

Being a Neighbor

The trees are dripping and the rock driveway is beginning to crunch and splash when I drive on it. Branches are down all over town and in our yard. We are thawing from an ice storm.

The temperature hovered between 28-32*F for about 3 days during which it rained, spit, and sprinkled all day and all night long. Perfect conditions for ice. People lost electricity for up to 2 days. Most of our neighbors have generators to combat this issue as it does tend to happen whenever we have a nasty summer thunderstorm or the occasional winter icing.


Because of this, church was cancelled on Sunday and school closed Monday and was late by 2 hours on Tuesday. We have a 12 mile drive to town, so I appreciate those kinds of decisions when the weather is less than idyllic.

Not thinking it a big deal, I casually posted yesterday on my social media that I was making a crock pot full of chili and that I’d be happy to drop off a hot bowl to any neighbors still without electricity. We never lost power and our house is still a construction zone, so it was the least I could do. What shocked me was the praise I received from people saying it was “above and beyond.”

When did helping a neighbor become the exception to the norm?

Our local churches and organizations find ways to help others in need on a regular basis. Why do we try to confine caring about others to the borders of those organizations? My opinion: We don’t need to rely completely on this group or that group or our government to care for our neighbors. Those groups do serve a wonderful purpose and have a much broader outreach than I do. However, I can still do my little as perfectly as this faulty human is able. I help my neighbors because I know them personally and I want to. I care for them. If I can, I’d like to make things better for them in their time of need even if it is just a bowl of chili with some cheese and Fritos.

My culinary skills don’t rival Martha or Ree by any means (Martha Stewart & Ree Drummond, culinary mavens). Ordinarily, I lack a bit of confidence when it comes to providing meals outside my home. Of the three of us girls, my two sisters are the more talented in the kitchen. However, I’m willing to give it a good college try.

Have you stepped outside your comfort zone this week and helped another person? 

If you need ideas, here are a few to get you started!

  • Offer to shovel the sidewalk or driveway of your neighbor.
  • Check up on the elderly and those will illness.
  • Cookies, a cup of hot tea/ coffee, soup or an invite to dinner
  • A friendly conversation
  • A smile when you see your neighbor!
  • Or you could always go creative with a gift basket and do something “Secret Santa-ish” – warm socks, mugs and hot cocoa mix

If you want to see a Biblical perspective, which weighs heavily into how I operate, here is a good link too. I haven’t researched anything on this site except this one article: