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Thoughts from a Rural Runner

I ran my last long run before doing a half marathon (13.1 miles). I made it 10.5miles this morning. It took me 2:00.27 and that included having to walk for a quarter of a mile or so because my insurance/specialty pharmacy called. After being on hold with them and the drug company’s support team for a total of at least 4 hours of my life the past 2 days, I felt that I had to take the call.

Please keep in mind that I live in VERY rural America. I run dirt roads, gravel roads, and some county highways. For 90% of my run, it is just me and the grasshoppers. Deer, raccoon, skunk, and cattle are occasionally on the side of the road. Most of my paths are traveled more frequently by tractors pulling implements than a car or truck.

Here are my observations after my first 10+ mile run. And they are brutally honest…

1) Bad underwear aren’t just bad the first mile…

2) Shorts are a poor choice if your thighs touch, even just a little bit…

3) Eat like it’s Thanksgiving the day before the race or a long run. Glad I shoved a few Gu gels in my armband…

4) I need a water source every mile, or at least every other mile. A drink a mile 2 and mile 8 is not enough…

and last but not least:

5) You can count on someone else being smack dab in the middle of nowhere with you, pulling over the hill, EXACTLY when you have to stop and rearrange previously mentioned terrible choice of underwear with your hand down the back of your shorts. And thus ends my embarrassment for the day.

All things considered, I’m going to rock this half marathon – in running tights, with water, and more food the night before. 🙂

Happy Friday! Blessings to you on your daily journey.

My route this morning.
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Cross Training and a Birthday Minion

Today is a cross training day. I’m taking advantage of 25 minutes of cartoons and doing T25 in my kitchen. Thank goodness for Bubble Guppies and Wallykazam!

My minions are 4 and nearly 2, boy and girl, respectively. Flashback 2 years ago today… I was officially the most pregnant woman at the pool July 4, 2012 at 39 weeks 3 days. It was over 100 degrees and both my baby and I were fully baked, belly button popped like a Thanksgiving turkey. As is the case with more than one child, my 2 year old was unaffected by mommy being so massively and imminently ready to drop. So, we went to the pool. My maternity tankini no longer covered my whole belly and almost the entire 28 extra baby pounds was located on my abdomen. Awesome. You do what you have to do to keep cool.

Here we are two years later with a birthday coming up at our house. Tomorrow the plan is a 2 mile run first thing in the morning. Sunday morning before the birthday girl wakes up will be 3.5 miles.

Shaun T: