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Plans Cancelled…

When your plans are pushed off a cliff…

After a week of being ill, I’m back up and moving. It was the strangest illness or illnesses smushed together I’ve had. No fever at all, the entire time. It started with a sore throat and headache, then add congestion and a nose faucet with the previously mentioned symptoms, then add on exhaustion. That was the first three days. Day four I had my energy back and considered myself good to go other than the persistent headache. Day five, the headache continued and I was easily tired. Day six, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus. I hid in my basement away from the world, in the dark and cool. Day seven, BAM – stomach flu. Like vicious, this must be what it feels like to have your guts ripped out. Thank you to my leftover pregnancy Zofran for the eventual respite. Day eight, after the final round of death at 2am, I started slowly trying to replenish fluids. Headache gone!

It was like a bad cold mixed finished off with the stomach flu. Who does that happen to? What kind of evil concoction is that pairing?

So, in the interest of public health I cancelled pretty much everything I had planned, distanced myself as much as I could from my children, and then worked in solitary confinement on the “cold” days. Obviously on the stomach flu days, I was completely isolated and then had a Lysol barrier sprayed around the rooms I ran between.

These are obviously first world issues, but this killed my 5K a week streak. I wasn’t able to help with my 1st graders at youth group. I did a no-contact pick up from my daughter’s dance class. My house looks like an explosion of all the different crafts, socks, shoes, clean laundry, dirty laundry, dishes… Grrrr…..

Thankful that all of my family is healthy and was healthy prior to my illness. No symptoms of any sort. All happy (except the 10yr old battling 6 digit by 2 digit long division).

I guess this was my little rant. I take all the suggested precautions. Where did this last week come from?! I don’t post this for sympathy. Rather, I am trying to process losing multiple days to inactivity. I’m not good at self-care, not even when I’m obviously sick.

I hope you stay healthy readers. May this week meet you with positivity, perspective, and blessings!


Happy Little Things

2020 has been a heavy year. Honestly, it felt that way before the Rona took us all hostage. I’m fighting that. In that vein, I like to remind myself of “little happy things.”

Oatmeal. It’s the best comfort food. It’s hot. It’s creamy. It’s versatile. Oh, and it helped bring my strangely high cholesterol down last fall! (family heart disease history) It is not uncommon to find a packet of instant oatmeal at my desk. I’d like to say that I do all the overnight oat stuff, but that would be blowing smoke… I don’t prep well.

Music. I dressed this morning to 90’s hits. I have uplifting, contemporary Christian on at my desk. I sang and played piano with my sisters this weekend. I run to music of all genres with a good beat, but sometimes questionable lyrics. Music has the power to set moods, change moods, set a pace, and uplift!

Walks. Yesterday, I texted a friend spontaneously to ask if she wanted to take a 20 minute walk over lunch. She did! This may not seem like a huge deal, but stepping away from work and everything else to move and chat with a friend was probably the high point of my day. Movement feels good. Fresh air feels great. Time with a friend is priceless!

Basically, all my “little happy things” were free or cheap. Instead of focusing on how certain points of my day were dumpster fires, turning my attention to these “little happy things” flipped that narrative.

Isn’t that what this year is teaching us to do? We don’t have to focus on all the big things taken away. Instead, I encourage you to look for all the little rays of sunshine. For me, sometimes it’s a simple as “hey, that phone call sucked… think I’ll go for a quick walk or maybe a mug of oatmeal.” I know, not eloquent… but very real.

What are your little happy things? Maybe you have a dozen or perhaps you are striving for one. I’ve been in both places. Today, take a moment to jot down one or two and keep it somewhere. Save it. In the words of the California Raisins, you’ll have “sunshine on a cloudy day.”