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Candy Cane Confession

I have a confession. If you follow my blog, my last post was about not wanting my child to eat junk food regularly when we have healthier options.

People – we have an extra day of break from school for a teacher inservice today… My crew was moving slower than molasses, peanut butter, ketchup in a glass bottle, water flowing uphill, YOU NAME IT this morning. SLOW. M-O-T-I-O-N.


So when my children came at me as I’m trying to exit the house smiling with candy canes and politely asked for them for breakfast —- whatever. It’s the last day of a 14 day break from school. A solid two weeks.

Let’s celebrate. Enjoy those candy canes!!! Tomorrow you go back to school and a schedule and the school bus being a solid deadline to make in the morning.


I’m not even kicking myself about this. In the grand scheme, I don’t think I’ll look back and point saying “THIS. THIS was the moment my children’s lives were ruined. I should have fought the candy canes.” SMH

**In reference to my previous post “Corn Dogs”, my daughter ate all her (non-hot dog) dinner last night without complaining. She picked a few things off that she didn’t want, but overall did a wonderful job! She agreed for the month of January to eat whatever her father or I served. She has a sticker chart to track her compliance. We are her parents. We will not let a 5yr old run the house.** #parenting


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