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“What I Know” Wednesday

After an incredibly apathetic Tuesday (seriously, ask me what I accomplished at work), I started Wednesday with a vigor for life and the lofty goal of knocking out a goliath sized list.

The day is half over. I’ve been up for 11 hours and have about six more to go. Here’s what I know so far:

  • We, my family, made it thru the entire school morning prep process with no raised voices or tears today. Can I get a Hallelujah?! The tears lately… my goodness, the tears…
  • I pretended not to notice the multiple loads of unfolded laundry this morning at 5:15am and stepped right over them for my “mama quiet and devotional” time. ***My husband graciously told me that he could wear clothes out of the basket, unfolded just as well as he could out of his dresser or hung up. Points for him!***
  • I’m feeling the Christmas spirit. Cue the Christmas tree earrings and quite possibly my reindeer sweatshirt. (actually I think I purged the reindeer sweatshirt in my summer sort)
    Christmas Tree Earrings
  • I got away from the office for a quick vegan lunch shake at 3:30pm. I’m not really vegan, but my protein shakes have to be. Dairy hates me. #juiceplus
  • My kids just got off the school bus at the office. Took off coats, shoes, and socks. Grabbed a pack of crackers. Five minutes later… and now they are cold and there are cracker crumbs everywhere. *sigh* #lovemylittles
  • Caroling starts in an hour. Put on your musical pants people, we are going to sing some Christmas carols to you and your neighbors!!! #smalltownlife
  • Boom. Checked off eight of the nine tasks for my work to-do’s! And I’m out!

    May your Wednesday night be merry and bright! — Jen

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