Coffee Time a.k.a. our secret to not getting a divorce

A few weeks ago, I published a blog piece about how tough the month of August was on my relationship and myself. Although my husband and I have invested time in “The 5 Love Languages,” we definitely weren’t speaking them to each other… nor were we making the time to try.

Enter in what we could classify as “coffee time” at our house. This year, our kids are riding the bus to school. They board around 7:05am. Seriously, they bounce out there happily. This is a HUGE improvement over the calamity that was me, their mother, literally trying to throw them into the car at the last minute after 43 requests to get out there, some fast driving, and telling them to RUN!!! to get in the school so they wouldn’t be tardy…


In this window of time that we now celebrate from 7:05- 7:50am, we are establishing some US time. We do still have to get ready for work, but this is when we sit down for a chat, discuss the schedule for the day and the day after, and ask about each other. It’s AMAZE-balls. (<– Forgive that)

This is re-blogged from my friend Sarah’s blog. She’s an amazing woman, wife, mother, friend, and play therapist.

I have a secret that I’d like to share with all the couples out there.  It’s called Coffee Time.  And in my household it is sacred time.

Coffee Time is my favorite time of the day.  It occurs on the back patio at my house when it’s nice weather, inside when it’s not, or at my office (where my husband also offices).  At the office is my favorite location.  See photo above.

We have been doing Coffee Time for years and rules have developed over time.  It lasts at least 15 minutes and it is a kid-free time.  At our house this is tricky because our three kids don’t think Coffee Time should be a thing.  Instead they want someone to spread peanut butter on their waffle, take them potty, or start Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  But Kyle and I refuse to do these things during Coffee Time.  Because, for the…

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