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The Dangers of Improper Spelling.

My oh my. It’s been a humorous day. I’ve been giggling at my desk since I sat down this morning.

For context, I have two sisters. I’m a middle child. My father and mother were blessed with three daughters. We are all J’s. Proudly raised on a grain and cattle farm in the middle of rural America.


We are all three university educated, intelligent ladies. At family dinners, we would get out the dictionary and debate the meaning of words. We thrive on strategic games and intelligent humor. I enjoy calculating the approximate speed at the tips of the wind turbines when we drive by the wind farm. #physicsteacher #nerdhobbies

Of course, I also enjoy a good blonde joke, a well placed pun, and humor like that in Bad Moms.

Today this happened:

Blog 4-5

My dear, sweet younger sister is a fabulous writer… but the girl appreciates autocorrect. And obviously the conversation was about plants — annuals vs perennials.

I’ve been roasting her about it all day. This one’s for you Jo. Much love sister!



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