St. Patrick’s Day Musings

I’m sitting at the dentist office with my youngest for the second time this week. Monday it was a cleaning. Today it’s for the fillings that she needs even though we brush, floss and swish with fluoride rinse. And I realized that I’m not wearing green. Surely no one is going to pinch a 34 year old woman in pink… Right?

Last year, my crew decided to get away and loaded up for a weekend in Manhattan, KS. Or ‘Manhappiness’ as we like to call it. I ran the 10K road race that begins and ends in Aggieville. I PR’d and my family enjoyed the annual festivities the city puts on. All around a good time.

st pat race

If you’ve never been to Manhattan- the Little Apple- home of Kansas State University- neighbor to Fort Riley, home of the Big Red 1- gateway to the beautiful Flint Hills and Tallgrass Prairie- I encourage you to check it out. I am absolutely biased after attending KSU for 4 years there, but the majority of people agree it’s a lovely place.

“I know a place that I love full well…”

Aggieville is the bar and college inspired area just off campus. This little gem is the heart of what has become a large St Patrick’s themed party, aka Fake Pattys.

Fake Pattys is held the Saturday before the real St Patrick’s Day when the college students are still in town. I believe this was born out of the problem recognized by bar owners- students are always on spring break for the real holiday. Thus, the bars missed a huge chance to sell an enormous amount of green beer.


Throw it WAY back to 2009.


I’ve attended two Fake Pattys and likely won’t attend another for a very long time. The day starts around 8am with green beer, green shirts specially designed by the t-shirt stores in Aggieville, breakfast and green beads. Fast forward a few hours and more green beers… to lunch and live music. Then a whole afternoon of more green beer, more green beads, more bands, and maybe a nap back at your apartment. Back to Aggieville and probably another bar with more green beer, bar food, and on and on until 2am. At which point you absolutely need fast fried food and a ride home.

We were actually in town again this year on a business errand and witnessed the melee. Our favorite observation was the entrepreneurial students across the street from Aggieville selling Mac n cheese and bacon from a pop up tent. And they had customers.

All of this is now a tradition a decade strong and growing every year.

I don’t condone over-intoxication or unruly conduct. I won’t paint myself as someone who didn’t make bad decisions in college either… I did. These days, I lead a simpler life that involves a rare few drinks socially a year. However, I certainly remember the care-free attitude of being a college student.

The Manhattan PD and assisting agencies have a fabulous account of the holiday this year. You can check it out here. Working law enforcement in a college town, I think you’d have to have a good sense of humor. I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite tweets of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day season:



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