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W30 and Blog Prompts

To start – It’s a beautiful fall day. I’m being thankful for many tiny details lately. I don’t want to take anything for granted.

W30 – MS

W30. Have you heard of it? After my MS diagnosis, I did a Whole 30 to try and eliminate anything in my diet that was aggravating my body and creating inflammation. The studies on diet and MS just seem to be ramping up, but in my gut (literally) I feel confident that it contributed a part to how this all played out.

I discovered with my W30 that dairy hates me. It always did. I was in agony in Kindergarten at snack – usually crackers and cheese with a carton of milk. I didn’t speak up at that point because we just didn’t do that 30 years ago. They still served slimy hot boiled spinach in schools at that point! It was a different era.

I am now 2+ years dairy free. On the rare occasion that something whey or lactose sneaks in, my body reacts in noticeable ways – obvious to my husband and anyone else around me. It’s amazing how quickly I can look like I’m halfway through a pregnancy and be doubled over in discomfort!

My yearly MRIs show that my MS is stable. Hallelujah! However, I have creeped back into lax eating with sugar, refined carbs, and definitely let my veggies slip. Don’t picture me sitting with lollipops and chips. That’s not really my style. It’s looks more like graham crackers and frosting or chips and salsa or a double helping of spaghetti with meat sauce. Just overdoing it. Did you see any green veggies mentioned? Neither did I…

I think it’s time to reset myself. My goal is to start Monday, November 21. Day 1 will be the day after my family’s Thanksgiving. If you have must-have recipes that are W30 compliant, I’m all ears in the comment section! You are welcome to live vicariously through me as well. I’m sure I’ll update on this journey on here.


I’m intrigued by the blog prompts that show up when I login. (Is it “login” or “log in”? Having two separate words makes it seem like an action…) So much so that I think I’ll bite on this one.

The topic choices were ‘Greatest Comforts’ or ‘Things I Miss.’ Here are my quick-snap reactions in no certain order.

  • Greatest Comforts
    • Family time
    • A nice relaxing run
    • My faith
  • Things I Miss
    • My grandparents
    • Frequent belly laughs
    • Life WITHOUT a cellphone or smart phone


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