Thoughts on a Tuesday

A glimpse into Tuesday with a review of the weekend. – Basically an online diary post.

My oldest (6yo) had a mild round of hand, food, mouth disease this past weekend. Super mild. If he hadn’t needed his toenails trimmed, I wouldn’t have caught it. No fever, no big blisters, nothing on his face or in his mouth. Just looked like he had a few stickers on the tops of his feet and on his palms. Basically, he got a sick day yesterday to shoot baskets on the court and ride his bike across from the office. He was happy with it 🙂

My youngest had a dentist appointment. She was a rockstar, probably better than her parents would have taken it… But she was having one of those mornings where she wailed like a banshee if her brother looked at her wrong or pointed at something or blinked. Love that little strawberry streak of attitude in her.

Friday, we attended an amazing Veteran’s Day Parade. Every year our local small town has one of the biggest parades in the state. 1 hour 15 minutes later and each kid with a bag of candy, we were feeling quite patriotic and each wore a poppy. My grandfather was a WW2 vet of the Navy. A handful of our neighbors have also served. God bless the men and women willing to sacrifice for the rest of us.

We are mid MAJOR kitchen – great room renovation. Week 3+ of no kitchen. Did you know you could make scrambled eggs in a crockpot? 3 out of 4 at our house were impressed.

Tuesday brought two healthy kids going to school and school pictures coming home. Two smiling kids!!! That is no small feat!

I’m still trying to avoid social media, but I did pop in on my favorite running forum to give out free encouragement to other members and responded to a facebook post about term limits.

I know these musings have been random. It seems that lately each of my family members are going in 5 different directions at the same time with little recovery time. I look forward to my side of the family’s Thanksgiving gathering on Sunday. We will all be able to sit and talk face to face. We have a relaxed atmosphere. No fighting for attention with phones. Real. Genuine. Family.

Much love -Jen


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