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Get Your Move On

I love to dance. I’ve been inspired to move since early childhood when my dad would turn on some fantastic 1970’s inspired classics on the record player and dance in the kitchen before we left for school. Yes, my dad is awesome like that. šŸ™‚ Not to mention, that record player still works! Nothing creepier than Inna-gadda-da-vida (Iron Butterfly) on a record player…

Click here to dance in your kitchen for the next 10 minutes:ĀĀ (My favorite part is at about the 6.5min mark! 8:40 is great as well! And who doesn’t love “In the Hall of the Mountain King?!”)

My dad is an awesome dancer. He can swing my mom around the dance floor at receptions or other socials like a pro. His signature move involves his upper body not moving and his legs doing some pretty funky stuff. (think long-legged 6’3″ cowboy) I’d like to think that I learned my moves and uninhibited dancing skillsĀ from him.

Yesterday, I was caught dancing on a treadmill while running at the local Wellness Center. What can I say, Joss Stone’s Free MeĀ is always inspiring! And sometimes, it is All About That Bass!Ā Mind you, I didn’t want to fall on my face, but I had some arm and hand action going on. I thought I had managed to go unnoticed, but the laugh and smile from a neighboring treadmill go-er down the way meant I had been caught! I wasn’t even embarrassed. I was enjoying myself. Why run if it isn’t going to be fun? It messes up my gait, but sometimes there might be a bit of a “stop and get your groove on” type moment when I run down our very rural highway.

Why do something you don’t enjoy? If a bit of dancing makes that 5K more fun, get your groove on while you get your move on!

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