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When Life Gives You Lemons… Make a Cookie

I know. The title of this entry is so cliche. “When Life Gives You Lemons” you what? Make lemonade? Not in the mood. Slice them up and put a wedge in your tea? That’s a thought… at least it has caffeine in it. I think, instead, I’ll make lemon cookie sandwiches with cream cheese frosting “smushed” in the middle.


This has been a tough week. It will be ok, just needing to work through it all. As I was taught in my education classes in college, I need to put my problems in a “hug.” I need to start with a positive, smush the negative in the middle, and end on a positive. Like the cream cheese frosting in my cookies, I will work to contain the downers in between the positives.


When I think about it, there is an incredible array of positives to choose from. Be they from my family, my community, my friends, nature, or myself, it begins to raise the mood to sort through them. A few example from each:
*Family – healthy children, loving husband, “good stock” as my close friend calls my lineage (supportive and loving always)
*Community – Supportive neighbors, fun free fair last week that my son lives for each year.
*Friends – Even with a friend’s personal tragedy this week, we can come together from states around to support each other. The bond is strong across the distances.
*Nature – It finally rained! 5 inches. The bullfrogs bellow happily. The air is soft, sky is blue, clouds are feathery and colorful in the evening.
*Myself – God-willing, I was able to run 7 miles on Sunday morning before church and another 4 yesterday morning before getting the kids up, ready, and going to work.


These positives don’t take away from the depth of sadness for the friend and family losses of the past week. They do help me to not wallow in the lows. I am HUGGING them. I am PACKING them up like a lemon cream cheese cookie.


Without the lows, we would not understand or appreciate the joy of high points. I’d ask you today to give thanks for it all. The highs and lows, the yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s.

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