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Cross Training and a Birthday Minion

Today is a cross training day. I’m taking advantage of 25 minutes of cartoons and doing T25 in my kitchen. Thank goodness for Bubble Guppies and Wallykazam!

My minions are 4 and nearly 2, boy and girl, respectively. Flashback 2 years ago today… I was officially the most pregnant woman at the pool July 4, 2012 at 39 weeks 3 days. It was over 100 degrees and both my baby and I were fully baked, belly button popped like a Thanksgiving turkey. As is the case with more than one child, my 2 year old was unaffected by mommy being so massively and imminently ready to drop. So, we went to the pool. My maternity tankini no longer covered my whole belly and almost the entire 28 extra baby pounds was located on my abdomen. Awesome. You do what you have to do to keep cool.

Here we are two years later with a birthday coming up at our house. Tomorrow the plan is a 2 mile run first thing in the morning. Sunday morning before the birthday girl wakes up will be 3.5 miles.

Shaun T:

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