The Challenge

I did it. My running has slacked the past 10 days with wheat harvest, rain and general exhaustion, so I bit the bullet and did it. I just registered for my first half-marathon. 13.1 miles. I’m strangely excited and motivated by the goal! Here we go — September 28, 2014.


One of my college roommates is training with me – virtually. We live about 4 hours apart. She suggested using a Hal Higdon half-marathon training plan. It is a 12 week plan with a base of 3 miles and the longest run pre-race being 10 miles. I knocked off 3 miles this morning at about a 10 minute/mile pace and only stopped to tie my shoe.


I call this a “race” loosely. I am not racing against everyone else. I am racing against myself. I want to see what this body is capable of. I’m not fast. I’ve never been fast. I was that kid in elementary school who got the National award for the President’s Challenge. It was always that stinking mile run that got me. I fought with sports-induced asthma as a child and adolescent and used an inhaler. Sadly, one year, I got a participation award. BOOOOOOOOOO. I could do decent pull-ups and a maniacal amount of sit-ups, but running got the best of me. As an adult, it isn’t about speed. I run for endurance and to prove it to myself. I space my breathing with the number of steps I take so I can control it. At 31, I still have a miraculous body capable of running, physically carrying my children to and from, and a whole lot of personality and determination to make things happen. I am choosing to celebrate it with a challenge.

So, the goal is set. The training has begun. A bit over 12 weeks to make it happen.


The Training Program:
The President’s Challenge – looks like they’ve removed the mile run from it! Lucky… :

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