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Mother Nature

When I woke up this morning before the kids, I thought maybe I should just sleep in. I’m tired and achy. Thinking the better of this, I got out of bed and went for a run, slower than usual. A little short of the halfway point, SKUNK. Turned around and ran faster back. Well played Mother Nature. Well played.

I love living in rural Kansas. With the recent sprinkles, wheat harvest has been put on hiatus temporarily while things dry out again. This allowed a nice long country walk with my daughter in the stroller without the danger of trucks, combines, and tractors with grain carts.


Dirt Road North Central Kansas - June 2014
Dirt Road North Central Kansas – June 2014


How can you not marvel at God’s creations with a view like this? He created everything with such detail and rich color. As our pastor on Sunday talked about, how amazing is it that everything that a plant needs to grow and mature is packed into that tiny seed. All the directions for the roots to absorb nutrients and moisture and for the leaves to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis – all packed into that tiny little seed! AMAZING.

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