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Blowing in the Wind (aka Parenting)

Parenting is like the wind. We have days of solid calm. There are days of sweet, springy air that seems to breathe soft and slow. Moments occur where it whips into a frenzy, then settles back down. Sometimes it blows hard, fast, and full of dirt.

Lately, the wind has been blowing hard and full of dirt; as in knock my child down hard. My yard is littered with tree branches. My favorite hammock is shredded. The birds struggle to fly against the wind. The weather is a very literal analogy and reflection to parenting as of late. Nothing seems to be calm. My children are asserting themselves and tasting tiny drops of independence. We are working to guide them with this new found responsibility. It has been a bumpy road. A bumpy road that almost led to a glass door being opened and blown by the strong winds and broken today after our son was told NOT to open the door multiple times.

What a delicate balance it is.

The truth is that some parts of parenting are not enjoyable. The quote “this hurts me more than it hurts you” is applicable no matter what type of parenting plan you are striving to follow. My son thought his world was ending when he was not allowed to play with his grandpa after the door incident. We listened to 30+ minutes of sobbing from his room. He was safe and physically not hurt, but his heart was breaking. He emerged still sad but coherently told us what the bad choice was and what the better choice would have been. Did I want to go comfort him? Absolutely, but sometimes bad choices mean losing out on something fun.

There are frenzied whirlwinds where we ask “do fits get us what we want?” (NO, never) There are fleeting days of solid calm. Snack goes smoothly. Eyes close easily for naps – PTL if they happen at the same time! They work out arguments without needing a mediator (ages ~2 and ~4).

Mostly there is some sort of wind. It keeps us on our toes and brings in fresh, new experiences. What is life without the spice of variety?


Blow beautiful child blow.

The winds push and swirl.
While you dance carelessly and twirl.

Blow innocent child blow.

The gentle wind speaks soft.
Your fancies soar like clouds aloft.

Blow wise child blow.

The harsh winds bluster.
Your innocent world they fluster.

Blow strong child blow.

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