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Pioneer Women & Valentines

The office my husband and I share is flipping frigid. It is 8 outside, which is a vast improvement over the -4 where we started the day yesterday. A way to watch expenses now that propane is >$4.00 a gallon is to keep the office a lower temperature. I have an electric heater by my feet. I wear two long sleeve shirts, my wool coat, scarf and a fingerless glove on my right hand (heater is on my left side), as well as long pants, tall socks, and winter insulated boots to work to keep warm.


We’ve decided I would be a bad Kansas pioneer woman. 

I told the hubs in a moment of frostbite that if I was on the prairie in pioneer times, he would have just had to leave me to die in the cold.  His reply: “I’d have had to just leave you dead in a snowbank. Ground would be too hard to bury you.”
Yep. That’s my romantic valentine.
What was I expecting? A “Oh no. I’d find a way to keep you warm?” Nope. Not my Romeo.

Although I do think he would turn the world upside down to find a way to help me if this was reality.

Made us both laugh. Glad I married a man who makes me laugh and enjoys spending time with me. We appreciate each day together. It’s fun. Sometimes it feels like we are still dating after 8.5 yrs of marriage and 2 kids. The butterflies and spark are still there.
PS – I’m not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. He told me he wasn’t even sure what day it was and that it was a stupid holiday.
Honestly, I agree.

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